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Hey Bitches... [Aug. 24th, 2004|01:35 am]
The Montabella Livejournal Community


[mood |amusedamused]
[music |Five Year Old Panty Shot - MSI]

Oh shit, there aren't any teachers on here are there? Because I would be in trouble. Now how in the hell did ALL of you know that I was on here? And if you did know then why don't you bitches ever comment. Joe. Joe is the only true Montabella LJ friend I've got... You friggin' a-holes... Anyways, here is my schedule:

1st Semester

1st Block - Photography
2nd Block - Math Analysis
1st Skinny - Lit. and Film
2nd Skinny - Senior Seminar (Riley)
3rd Block - Drama
4th Block - English 12

2nd Semester

1st Block - Spanish 2 (yeah friggin right I'm Mexican I should NOT have to take the Spanish 2 class and DEFINITELY NOT online)
2nd Block - Adv. Art
1st Skinny - Senior Project
2nd Skinny - Senior Project
3rd Block - Web Design (Hahaha)
4th Block - Psychology

Anyways you bunch of punks... I hate you all for not commenting on my journal but knowing I was online... You bastards... Hehe, just kidding! You don't have to comment I don't have much to say anyways...